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Taal volcano packages

Taal Volcano

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There are good reasons why a visit to Taal volcano is top-of-mind when asked for suggestions on where to have a quick Manila get-away. Travel time is short and the view is awe-inspiring! Despite its small size, this Batangas volcano packs a punch. With more than 30 eruptions under its volcanic belt, it is both the province's pride and peril. Through this day tour, witness with your own eyes how the province of Batangas rises again after the last eruption of the volcano that happened last...January 12th, 2020 at 1PM.

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We currently offer two different trips: The first one is a boat ride on Taal lake which allows you to see Taal volcano Island from the closest possible. The second one is a car ride along the lake where you will enjoy majestic view of the volcano plus a visit to Taal heritage town (famous for its impressive colonial Spanish Basilica church.)
Are you looking for just a boat ride rental? A day trip from Tagaytay? Or a tour from Metro Manila with Tagaytay side trip? We offer them all! The only option not available as of today is hiking on the island.

banca price


Rate starts at 700/person
Also available from Manila with Tagaytay side trip
Difficulty : Easy (No hiking involved)
Highlights : Relaxing, Family -friendly, close view of volcano island, Tagaytay side trip
Status : Open
joiners tour


Rate starts at 1,499/person from Metro Manila
Rate starts at 1,199/person from Tagaytay
Difficulty : Easy (No hiking involved)
Highlights : scenic drive along the lake shore, colonial town with basilica and ancestral houses
Status : Open

joiners tour


PHP 1,399/person with Manila transfer (rate 10 pax)
Difficulty : Easy (horseback riding is also available)
Highlights : 360° view, steaming activity, most popular route for a good reason
Status : Closed
taal volcano calauit trail


PHP 1,599/person with Manila transfer (rate 10 pax)
Difficulty : Medium
Highlights : Close view of the steaming areas, less crowd, you will reach the lake shore
Status : Closed



1. It's ALIVE! In a country located in the Pacific ring of fire, we have about 20 active volcanoes and Taal is one of them. Marvel at its sulfur vents, mudpots and ever-changing lake water in its caldera. How often can one say that he has been on one?
2. There is a trail that's right for you. You can be a beginner or a seasoned hiker, an amateur naturalist or geological nerd, this place will not let you down.
3. It's a gift that keeps on giving. As if your brain is done working on the island-on-a-lake-on-island-on-a-lake-on-an-island concept, Tabaro trail will blow your mind because beyond the main crater lake of Taal, it has its own twin crater lake. Just in case you need more.
4. Have a go at bird-watching. There are various migratory birds that flock the area. Take out you binoculars, be very quiet and watch out for egrets, swallows and whiskered terns.
5. Sailing, anyone? If you're ever in the country during the amihan (northeast monsoon), don't miss the chance to take advantage of the excellent breeze that is perfect not only for sailing but also windsurfing, kiting and parasailing.
6. Lake placid. Taal lake is home to the endemic species Sardinia tawilis, the world's only commercial freshwater sardine, and Hydrophis semperi locally known as "duhol", one of only three freshwater sea snakes in the world.
7. Land of the brave. Batangas is a cradle of heroes. Some of the prominent names during the Philippine revolution came from this proud province. Think Mabini, Agoncillo and Malvar (to name a few) - all noble, all patriots.
8. Bulalo, for the win. You have probably sweated buckets while trekking (thanks, Philippine humidity). Rehydrate with a bowl of sinful goodness. This clear soup made of beef shanks and bone marrow is heaven in a bowl. Best slurped while overlooking the lake from breezy Tagaytay.
9. No to instant coffee. Ever heard of kapeng barako? It has a strong aroma and taste, guaranteed to keep you awake for hours. If you love coffee as much as we do, support the local farmers who grow this coffee variety and have a go with this brew. Best served with suman.
10. Inherent heritage. Not far from the lake is another town that shares the name of the volcano. Going to Taal heritage town is like traveling back in time with all its well-preserved ancestral houses, neo-classical basilica paired with the people's strong sense of pride on their artwork and handicrafts. Want a piece of it? Get yourself a balisong (butterfly knife) or a intricately embroidered barong tagalog.


We have listed the items you should consider bringing with you and some answers to the questions you usually receive. Hope it will help you prepare your trip.


❶ Is it active? Any volcano that has erupted within the last 500 years is considered active, so in this regard, yes it is active. These activities are evident on some portions of the trail. Some examples are the presence of sulfur vents and mudpots and the changing of colors of the water in the main crater lake.
❷ Is it safe to trek? PHIVOLCS determines the alert level of all Philippine volcanoes and gives timely advisories for everyone's safety. For the moment, climbing up Taal volcano is strictly prohibted.
❸ How difficult is the hike? Depending on the trail that you choose to use, the hike can range from easy (Daang Kastila and Amabassador Kenney) to moderate (Calauit) and to challenging (Tabaro). The first two will take you only to the ridge of the main crater lake with Daang Kastila giving you the choice to use a small horse to reach the top. Calauit starts from a different jump, take you to the top and then down to the main crater lake. The least popular Tabaro trail takes you the site of the most recent volcanic eruption. The hike here is much longer as there is no established trail, the ascents steep. There is hardly any tree coverage.
❹ Can we swim in main crater lake? PHIVOLCS strictly forbids swimming in the lake for safety reasons.
❺ Can we camp overnight on the island? No, camping overnight at the main crater lake is not allowed.