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"In all my journeys, I have realized that we travel in search of the familiar in the unfamiliar.- TRIPinas founder"

Established in 2008, TRIPinas travel and tour ventures is a Filipino tour operator with a professional team of adventure-loving people led by its founder Ms. Ann. We make sure that you get a fun, safe and meaningful trip every time. As we work closely with the local communities, you are assured that you get an authentic slice of life from the place that you're visiting. Our tours are arranged in such a way that you get to strengthen old bonds with your family and friends, expand your horizon by meeting new people and learn a thing or two about the community through immersion. Go on a trip with us and you'll find yourself returning home with a new view of the world and better understanding of yourself.


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MT. DARAITAN - One of the many gems of the Rizal province, this idyllic peak is the perfect gateway for those who wish to get-away from the noise of the city Experience solitude as you scale Mt. Daraitan and be rewarded at the peak with a panoramic view of the Sierra Madre. After the arduous walk, visit Tinipak river and reinvigorate your tired legs with its cold waters. Check our hike MOUNT PULAG - With its mystical mossy forest, a grassland leading to sinuous slopes of dwarf bamboos and legendary sea of clouds, it is no wonder it is called the "Playground of the Gods". Towering at a height of 2,922 meters above sea level, Mount Pulag is the roof of Luzon. Check our Package MT. ULAP - Also known as Philex trail ridge, Mount Ulap is a popular hiking and trail running destination in the Cordillera suitable to pretty much every outdoor enthusiast. Whether a quick day trip with friends or an overnight camping trip with family, this destination has everything you need for an ideal escape from the metropolis - rolling hills, cool breeze, idyllic campsite. Check our hike MOUNT PINATUBO -Hop on a 4x4 vehicle and marvel at the raw beauty of the lahar canyons. Hike and explore the streams fed by the mountain run-off and enjoy a picnic at the turquoise-colored crater lake. Mount Pinatubo is a proof that there is beauty after destruction and that we can all rise again after a downfall. Check our Package TAAL VOLCANO - Want to go hiking but pressed for time? Why not head to Batangas and explore one of the world's smallest active volcanoes. Check our Package PAGSANJAN FALLS - Shooting the rapids from the quiet town of Pagsanjan to the main falls located in Cavinti will reveal to you the narrow and verdant gorges featured in the movie Apocalypse Now. With the help of two skilled boatmen, you will go upstream while on-board a canoe to reach a natural pool. From here you can take a raft to cross the cold waters and enter the Devil's cave. Check our Package MANILA CITY - See the country's capital on foot. Whether it's Intramuros (the oldest district of Manila) or the busy trading area of the Chinese in the city, our friendly and knowledgeable guides will make sure that you will enjoy your walking tour. Check our Package BATULAO - Whoever said that you have to travel far from Manila to have a solid outdoor adventure has never hiked Mt. Batulao. Think wide open space and rolling hills overlooking the quiet rural towns of Cavite and Batangas. A piece of solitude as a weekend reward from the noise of the city. Check our Package PICO DE LORO - Surround yourself with greenery and let the sound of birds accompany you as you enter one of the last rainforests in the country and get rewarded with a sweeping view of Calabarzon as you stand on top of the monolith. Check our Package ANAWANGIN COVE - This crescent-shaped cove, with its white sand beach littered with agoho trees is the perfect relaxation after a tiring hike at Mt. Pundaquit in San Antonio, Zambales. Go an overnight hiking-and-camping trip with your family and friends and get rewarded with a sweeping view of the West Philippine Sea. Sleep under a blanket of stars and be serenaded by the lullaby of waves. Check our Deals

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Planning for a trip can be daunting especially if you are dealing with big groups with equally big personalities. Matching everyone's schedule to each person's travel interest and individual budget can easily drive someone crazy. Enter TRIPinas. Whether it's for a company outing, a school trip, a family reunion or a romantic get-away with your boo, our practical and effective solutions will take the stress from all the planning. All we want is for you to have fun from start to finish. So relax and take a deep breath. We got your back.


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