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Trekking the Spanish trail (also known as the regular trail or Daang kastila)

We've all had it at one point: work-related-stress (WRS). Most of the time it is caused by too many deadlines, too little rest. Let's face it, work can wear you down. But we can't all just up and leave? The bills won't pay for themselves. Good thing is that you can go to a place about two hours away from Manila to forget about work (temporarily, relax) and decompress. You only need a good pair of hiking shoes/sandals, strong sunscreen, a bottle of water and some good ol' trail mix. If you're a complete newbie and have never done any hiking in the past, we encourage you to take the Spanish trail (aka Regular trail). And because this route is beginner-friendly, you'll see more people taking this trail compared to the other paths, which can be a good thing if you're looking to meet new people outside of your work environment. A short 30-minute hike on a gradually sloping hill will take you to the ridge of the Philippines' second most active volcano where you will see your reward for the day - the main crater lake. Hiking is very much like work, but with a better view, fresher air and faster reward. If you just keep going at it, you will surely earn your stripes. How's that for a life metaphor?

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List of inclusions:
✔ aircon land transfer from any point in Metro Manila or Tagaytay* ✔ boat ride on Taal lake ✔ service of a guide for the trek ✔ all fees.
*we also have a package without van transfer if you plan to bring your own vehicle

Our itinerary

Your dispatcher will meet you at your residence/hotel to give you a tour orientation. He/she will also check that you have with you what you will need for the tour (please refer to the list of things to bring). You will board your dedicated private van to go to our resort. If time permits, you can have a short breakfast stop-over along the way. Once you arrive at the resort, you can use the toilet facilities to change; you can also leave some of your belongings in the van. Make sure to place your gadgets in waterproof containers, if you plan on bringing them with you on the boat. Wear your life vest and board the boat to cross the lake; this will take around 20-30 minutes depending on the prevailing winds. After the boat has docked on the other side of the lake, your hike will commence. The trek is short and sweet but prepare for a dusty trail. The humidity can be a bit of a challenge (can be as high as 90%) especially for those who are coming from cold places so make sure that you are wearing light-colored, sweat-resistant shirts/bottoms. Skip the cotton shirts - they will not be your friend here. Some visitors opt to take the horse so watch out for them as you will share the trail with these four-legged creatures. Of course, you can also take the horse if you want (on your account, can be paid on-site). After about half an hour of hike, you will be treated with the view of the majestic main rater lake. Take a breather here. There are some stalls at the ridge selling cold drinks; we love the fresh buko juice here! If you still have some leg power, we encourage you to head to the Red Lava area. You will have a much better view of the lake! You can start heading back to the lake shore after you're done with your photo ops and rest. Walking back will be a breeze now because it's all downhill and you will have the high sun - the image of the boat quietly docked by the lake shore will be a welcoming sight. Board the boat, cross the lake and return to the resort. Change your clothes, board the van and the driver will take you back where you were picked-up earlier in Metro Manila. End of one adventure-filled day.