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Welcome to Team TRIPinas' online guide for everything outdoors. Whether you want tips on how to get fit for the mountain, need suggestions on what to eat on the trail, or when to best go and that beach, we have some ideas that are right for you. Bonus: we even throw some gear reviews every now and then to help you streamline your shopping options.

● Female hygiene essentials when backpacking

Your period should never stop you from scaling that mountain. Read how our resident mountain maiden handles this and other female-related concerns when she heads outdoors.

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● How to start mountaineering and alpinism for Filipinos

"Ain't no mountain high enough", the song went. True, but before you venture to taller peaks, make sure to take a glimpse first on some of the important things you may want to consider before taking the first step towards that Big Mountain.

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MountaineeringTips for beginnersAlpinism

● Beginner's guide to day-hiking in the Philippines

You don't need big bucks nor a big backpack to go day-hiking. The team has outlined the basic things required to make that first trip to the mountain fun and memorable.

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MountaineeringTips for beginnersBudget friendly

● Easy and healthy munchies for the road that you can prepare ahead of time

We Pinoys love to eat, there's no doubt about that. Since we spend a huge chunk of our time in transit, why not take this opportunity to eat clean. As they say, #YOLO responsibly.

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● Tips for joiners to public tours

Here are a few reminders on how to be everyone's favorite travel buddy on shared trips. Because you do want to be remembered for good reasons.

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Tips for beginnersBudget friendly

● Where to find affordable hiking gears in the Philippines

Hiking equipment cost should not be prohibitive. Read on where our team gets our gears. We promise, they won't bust your wallet and are highly accessible.

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MountaineeringTips for beginnersGears

● Product Review: Fitbar

When our Chief Nomad went on a two week long mountain trip, we thought it was a good idea to turn her into a lab rat for Fitbar cereal bar. Read her review here.

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● Product Review: Dermplus Moisturizing Sunscreen

Newsflash: Sunburns are not sexy. Nor is skin cancer. Team TRIPinas has road-tested Dermplus. Here's what we think about this Philippine-made sunscreen.

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● Give-away: Hull & Stern dry-bag

Because we know it's tough to enjoy your trip when you are constantly worrying about your gadgets getting drenched, we are giving away a free dry-bag. Open to IG users.

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