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Trekking Calauit trail (also known as the secret trail)

For those seeking a complete feel on what Taal volcano has to offer, using the Calauit trail may be a good option. This trail not only takes you to the ridge to see the main crater lake from the view deck, no sir. This one actually leads you to the main crater lake where you get to see up close and personal all the jaw-dropping volcanic activities this tiny volcano has to offer. Don't let its diminutive size fool you! It may be only just around 300 meters above sea level, but this miniscule geologic wonder is one of the country's most active volcanoes. Scattered along the shore of the crater lake are basalt and andesite rocks, a testament of its violent past. If you move further along, you will witness steams coming from the ground accompanied by the gurgling sound of boiling mud and water, a stark reminder that Taal volcano is not yet done. If geologic features don't interest you very much, perhaps the thousands of migratory birds that frequent the area can provide entertainment for you.

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✔ Round-trip van transfer from Manila or Tagaytay* ✔ boat ride on the lake ✔ service of a guide for the trek ✔ all fees.
*we also offer this adventure without the Manila transfer

The itinerary step by step

This day tour starts with a pick-up from an agreed point where a briefing will be provided by your dispatcher. After about two hours on the road, you will reach our resort in Talisay where you will board an outrigger to cross the Taal lake to reach the main crater. While on the boat, you will witness the quiet and quaint life of the people who live in close proximity to this active volcano. After docking, your hike will commence. Make sure that you are wearing a hat, a pair of sunnies, a pair of trail shoes and a sweat-resistant, light-colored shirt. The heat and humidity can be pretty intense so bring at least 2L of water and hydrate yourself properly. The trail gradually slopes up, so if you have mobility issues (e.g. weak knees), secure a hiking stick and wear your doctor-prescribed braces. After a 30-minute walk, you will reach the view deck where you can take a break for snacks and photo ops. Continue your hike downhill. Exercise caution as you walk down as the rocks are loose and some sections are full of scree especially during the dry months. After another 30 minute or so of scrambling, you will finally reach the lake shore of the main crater lake. Get ready to be overwhelmed! Take your time in exploring the mudpools, steam vents and bubbling lake water. There is so much volcanic activity happening that it can get intimidating at first that you start wishing you paid attention to your Geology teacher back in the days. Around 11AM, you start heading back to the boat. By 1PM, you will reach the resort where the van waits for you. Freshen up and board your vehicle. The driver will take you back to where you were picked up in the morning. Depending on the traffic situation in the metro, you should be home between 5-7PM, happy to make it in time for dinner with awesome adventure stories to share with family and friends who will hopefully join you next time.