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Easy and healthy munchies for the road that you can prepare ahead of time

Tired from eating the same old, greasy junk food that you find in most pit stops? Why not bring your own munchies when you go on a road trip? This not only saves you money, it also makes sure that you get to eat healthy and are not limited to burgers/french fries/siopao. The trick here is to plan your snacks based on how long you will be on the road. Obviously, the longer the trip is, the more food you need to prepare ahead. Check out what the team usually eats on the road when going on trips.

Fruits. If you have a sweet tooth, this is option is for you. One of the good things in living in a tropical country like the Philippines is that whatever the season maybe, there will always be fresh and juicy fruits available. Whether you shop in wet markets or in groceries, always choose ones that are in season so they’re cheaper. Can’t get hold of fresh fruits? The dried variety is a good alternative; it’s lighter, too.

Sandwiches. PB&J is always a good choice but why stop there? How about some pesto tuna sandwich that you can easily assemble on your stopover? Bring your favorite bread (we love pita!), some packed tuna (preferably in a pouch), a few slices of cheese and some ready-made pesto. Spread pesto onto bread, then a spoonful of tuna topped with a slice of cheese, fold in half. Voila! You just made a tasty and healthy snack in a jiffy. Bon appetit!

Salads. We’re not talking about your token cafeteria greens dressed with weird tasting mayonnaise. Salads have earned a reputation for being bland and boring, reserved for tree-hugging vegetarians. On the contrary, a salad, if done right can be a filling, one-dish wonder. I usually pour the vinaigrette at the bottom of my food container and then place carrot, celery sticks on top it making sure that only the tip touches the dressing. On top of the veggie sticks, I place some greens and hard-boiled eggs or whatever left-over protein we have at home, then put the lid on the jar or seal the zip lock. When it’s time to eat, I just shake the container to ensure that all ingredients get coated by the dressing. Yum!

Flavored drinks. Many forget to hydrate while traveling just because they’re inside an air-conditioned vehicle. To avoid dehydration, you need to drink at least 2L of liquids per day. Honestly, it can get boring drinking just water. So why not put lemon slices in your water. It not only adds zing to your beverage, it also gives you vitamin C.

Hard-boiled eggs, nuts, banana chips (instead of potato chips), crackers.

Frankly, the options are endless. All you need to make it happen are a touch of creativity and the will to choose healthy.

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