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Mount Mataripis: Another wonderful reason to go hiking at the Sierra Madre
written by: Rufa Ann Pablo-Bechet

Situated in Barangay San Andres, Tanay in the province of Rizal is a mountain with a peculiar name. “Mataripis” nods to the fact that one of its rivers is full of taripis, a local shrimp. This is obvious when you reach its summit at 720 masl. There you will see an odd looking orange marker resembling a shrimp, welcoming everyone to stay awhile and enjoy the cool breeze and sweeping view of the province.

Mt. Mataripis is one of the numerous peaks in the Sierra Madre range. It is a relatively easy hike and a pleasurable one at that with opportunities for swimming at one or all of the numerous waterfalls on its trail. The 4-hour trek is a little over 9km long, round-trip, that starts and ends at the same point.

This mountain is best for those who enjoy a leisurely walk in a lush jungle-esque environment. It can feel a little muggy sometimes especially when you enter the canopy section but that can be easily relieved by a quick bath in the waterfalls.

We advise that you bring organic insect repellent if you are sensitive to bugs. Some portions of the trail can be steep so bringing a hiking stick may be useful. Since you will be crossing some streams, we encourage you to wear a pair of footwear that has good traction and drains water fast.

There are some farmers living in the lower section of the mountain who sell their crops. If you want fresh fruits like papaya, jackfruit and rambutan, be on the lookout as they go for really low costs and they sell fast. Tip: buy them on your way down unless you want to be carrying a 3-kg papaya to the summit.

Language: Tagalog
Communication: There is no phone network at the jump-off. Signal works at the summit so yes, you can share your experience to social media.
Indigent people: Remontado Dumagat, like in most mountains in the Rizal-Quezon area
Showers, restroom: Paid restrooms and basic shower facilities are available at the jump-off area.
Banks/ATM: there are none at the jump-off
Parking space: yes, but limited; pay parking

Overnight camping is allowed at the summit but reservations must be made in advance to observe the carrying capacity of the place as well as follow the health protocols set by the IATF.

TRIPinas organizes private day and overnight trips to Mt. Mataripis.

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