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Very few destinations in the world can rival what post-card worthy Mt. Pinatubo (Botolan, Zambales) unabashedly offers. It doesn't go gentle with you as it starts right away with a spine-realigning off-road ride on a field of lahar, which by the way is the biggest in the world! While trekking, you will be greeted by imposing ash walls. You will strain your neck in amazement gawking on the oddly formed lahar towers and their various shades of gray. When you look down, you will notice various colors on its stream waters caused by the minerals leached from the very active volcano --- yellow for sulfur, red for iron. The infamous crater lake, photographed probably a million times by visitors, is a show-stopper. Its turquoise-colored water mirroring the sky, looks like a gemstone from afar. And in many ways it is a precious jewelry and it's not just because of its incomparable beauty. Perhaps the real treasure here is the realization that the tragedy that was the eruption of Mount Pinatubo is now a source of hope and inspiration. A perfect life lesson we surely want to take-away while having a Mt. Pinatubo tour and bring back to the city.


TRIPinas is excited to present four unique adventures for all of your Mt. Pinatubo travel needs. Now you don't need to worry about meeting a minimum number of people or traveling on your available day as our private trips can easily accommodate your request. Well what about those who want to travel on a budget and don't mind sharing their trip on weekends with other like-minded travelers? Don't worry, our group tours (joiners) are specifically made with you in mind --- perfect way to meet new friends. If you can provide your own transportation or are okay with taking the public bus to go to the base camp, we made our D-I-Y option for you (available everyday). And finally, for those who have more time and want to camp at Mt. Pinatubo, your can check the overnight package. Cook your own food, build a bonfire by the lake and sleep under a blanket of stars. Best suited to those who want an unhurried trip. Regardless of when you want to go or how many you are in the group (even if you are solo), we have something that's just right for you.

joiners tour


Rate depends on your starting point
Starts at 2,500/person
When : Usually on weekends
Good for : Small groups, meet new people, guaranteed departure
exclusive hike


Price depends on your headcount + chosen date
Starts at Php2,350/person
When : Date of your convenience
Good for : Pick up from your home, you won't be sharing with other people

diy package


Rate starts at 1,900/person
When : Your chosen date
Good for : Budget friendly option, bring your own car or commute to the base camp
overnight camping package


Price starts around Php4,000/person
When : any dates
Good for : Camp at the crater lake, stargazing, swim at the waterfalls




1. Legal We are a legal business, registered with both the Department of Trade and Industry and Department of Tourism of the Philippines which means that we are regulated and are mandated to follow business standards in safety and quality.
2. Safe Safety is our priority. This means we do not overload our vans and we do not put your life at risk to earn money. This is of utmost importance to us.
3. Fair We won't let you down. In case we have to cancel for any reason (and that includes bad weather) we will give you back 100% of your payment. Very few tour organizers in the country have a similar policy. Think about it when you book. Typhoon happens!
4. Cheap When we created TRIPinas we had one specific target which was to offer the opportunity to everybody to discover the Philippines whatever the size of your wallet is. We make a point to offer the most affordable rate of the market.
5. Eco-friendly We are the only certified eco-tourism operator in Pinatubo. We do our best to work with the local communities and impose policies to our clients to respect Mother Nature.
6. Pioneer We invented the concept of budget-friendly public/shared group tour in Mt. Pinatubo, also called joiner package. You will find several copycats but verify the quality of their service by reading reviews. Always go for the original!
7. Professional We are mountaineers through and through, in and out of the business. We practice what we preach and we know what we're doing. Our experience in both Philippine and international mountains makes us your best bet in case of outdoor problems; you will be happy to have professionals with you.
8. Flexible We offer all the options, we have shared trips for those who are on a budget but we also offer private trips if you want to have your privacy. We will pick you up in Manila, Angeles/Clark, San Fernando or Subic/Olongapo but you can also bring your car or commute. We have day-trips and overnight 2D/1N options.
9. Honest We believe in business ethics, all of our packages are transparent. You can be assured that we never have any hidden charges. This is how it should be, right?
10. Love TRIPinas team is on the trail every single week. This is how much we love Mt. Pinatubo. Let us share it with you :)


There are a few questions that most travelers have in mind, check our answers below. We are also sharing an elevation graph and map of the trail.


❶ Is it easy? Yes it is, one of the hikes that even beginners will be able to complete. At first you will have to adjust though, since the terrain is quite different from what you are used to walk on, it is mostly made of ashes (a bit similar to walking in the desert) with a lot of river crossing. If you have the right gears things should be easy.
pinatubo trail elevation
❷ How about kids and senior citizens? A kid of seven years old should be able to do it (but not younger than that), for senior citizens it is all about your fitness level, we have seen 70 years old folks faster than all the young crowd.pinatubo trail map tripinas
❸ Can we start late? This is not possible as there is a cut-off at the base camp, meaning if you arrive late you won't be allowed to go on the trail.
❹ Is there a short-cut? When there are a few weeks of very good weather the off-road vehicles can driver further on the trail and this will reduce the distance you have to walk. Since it is weather-dependent never count on it, always prepare for the long trek which take roughly two hours
❺ Are there medics on the trail? The local guides are trained to do basic first aid. However, there is no medical facility on the mountain which is why we require all to place their current medical condition to help us determine what kind of support we need to provide you.
❻ If we bring our own vehicle, is there a safe place to park it? Yes, parking fees may apply. Please pay the person-in-charge directly.
❼ Can I drive my own 4x4? This is not allowed as the terrain is very specific and a part of the mountain is a military area where private vehicles are not allowed to enter.
❽ Will we meet the Aetas? Yes they are the tribe who owns the mountain. You will see them while hiking and your guide might be an Aeta as well.