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Private hikes


Exclusive adventure

We understand that you may prefer to travel with people you already know be your family, friends or office-mates. Or you want to see Mt. Pinatubo but go beyond hiking. Don't worry, we created an option that will cater to the needs of those who wish to have flexibility, exclusivity and creativity in their trip. This private package allows you to choose your pick-up/drop-off point, have a dedicated private vehicle, local guide(s) and off-road ride. We have customized a lot of private Pinatubo trips in the past to accommodate requests for a surprise wedding proposal by the crater lake, joyful birthday celebrations, heart-warming family reunions, fruitful business team-buildings, outreach program, inventive product launches, even dreamy prenuptial pictorials and out-of-this-world photo-shoots. Thinking of having a corporate outreach program? We have ideas on which Aeta barangays to help and how to best help them. If you can think it, we'll be glad to help you make it happen.




Be at the pre-determined pick-up point at the agreed call time. Our staff will meet the team for a thorough briefing. Depending on the nature and goal of your private Mt. Pinatubo trip (e.g. purely hiking, photo shoot, outreach program, etc.), you will be given specific guidelines to make your day as comfortable and safe as possible. Make sure that you have your stuff for the hike. Time-permitting, we may allow for a quick toilet stop; we just need to make sure that we all reach the base camp before the cut-off time. At the campsite, you will be introduced to your local guide(s). Board your designated off-road vehicle and prepare yourself for a ride of a lifetime. There will be a short photo-stop on the way to the jump-off. If you are going hiking, your guide will trek with you from the parking area of the 4x4 vehicle (5-7 km away from the view deck) to the crater lake and back. The hike will last around 2 hours, one way. Follow your guide at all times and take extra caution when crossing streams. Stay away from the lahar walls as they are prone to collapse due to wind and water erosion. Swimming and any water activities at the crater lake are still not allowed. If you are having photo shoots/pictorials/outreach programs, please stay within the designated areas (lahar canyon, Aeta village) for the shoot/program to ensure your safety. Practice culture sensitivity and respect local customs so as not to offend the Aetas - the mountain's indigenous people. Should you need to bring any paraphernalia for your team-building, photoshoot, etc. (e.g. tarpaulins, banners, etc.) please make sure that you bring them back with you and not leave anything behind (Leave No Trace principle). Bringing drones are allowed but please do be sensitive with other tourists as they may not appreciate the drone's noise or the fact that it can get a little invasive. It is also expected that you know how to fly the drone safely and responsibly to prevent accidents. Pinatubo hiking day-trips usually finish by 2PM at the camp site while outreach programs/photoshoots may be a little longer. After your activities, you can shower and freshen up at the base camp before heading back to the same place where you were picked up in the morning.