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Turo-turo tour


When you are solo traveler or a couple or a small group of friends, planning to visit Sagada is often complicated. If you take a private tour it can get out of your budget and if you take a joiner tour you often end up in an overcrowded van and spend most of your time waiting for the “big” groups who are taking their sweet time. That is of course, if you are lucky. If you are unlucky the joiner/shared tour will be cancelled the day before the departure because your tour operator never managed to fill his his van.

Because of these, we have decided to create a special package that allows everybody and especially small groups or solo travelers to still be able to explore Sagada without all the inconvenience we mentioned above.

This package is :

BUDGET FRIENDLY : because you do not need to break your wallet to visit the north.

AVAILABLE EVERYDAY : whatever it is weekdays or weekends.

FLEXIBLE : you can take two days and one night or three days and two nights.

TAILORED TO YOUR NEED : because sometimes we do not like the menu and we prefer to go ala carte.

The tour rate depends on your headcount but always below Php2000 per person. To get more details just inquire with your tentative tour date and how many people are in your group and you will get a full quotation.

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