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Sagada tour

Explore Sagada
We welcome lovers! Are you passionate about adventure? Does the outdoors make you giddy? Does your heart sing when you learn more about heritage and culture? Then join us quickly and let’s fall in-love with Sagada
Ready for adventure?

You probably have heard of the fabled terraced rice paddies, seen photos of the Igorots and their colorful clothing worn during their fascinating rituals; perhaps you have even tasted their Arabica coffee. But why stop there? Why settle for second-hand accounts of Sagada's grandeur? How many times have you wished that you can go inside its cave or walk through its muddy and slippery trails? Ever wonder what a sea of clouds really looked like?

With our simple and easy booking system, we'll help you realize your wish of stepping at the Cordillera and take you from dreaming to actually having the trip of your life. At a reasonable cost, you can be assured that you will have a fun, safe and insightful Sagada tour.

The adventure stories of Sagada are true - and they are best experienced than heard.

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PACKAGES 2022-2023

Easy and safe booking

Just fill out the form and we'll send you all the information you need. You can also email us at or call us trough cellphone/viber (+63)9179037672 or landline (+632)8477-7446

Various payment channels (online bank transfers, PayPal, bank deposits) are made available to you so paying your package is a breeze - you won't even need to leave your seat.

We are a registered travel entity with the Department of Tourism (DOT) and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) so you are guaranteed that TRIPinas abides of the set standards put forth by both agencies.

When you book with TRIPinas, you know you'll get your money's worth.


1. Where is Sagada? It is located in the Mountain Province in the Cordillera Administrative Region. It is around 10 hours away from Manila via Baguio or 13 hours away if using Banaue.

2. When is it best to visit? The place is accessible all year-long but expect a big crowd during long weekends, holidays and summer break. If you wish to see the rice terraces in its most beautiful, visit between May (very green) and June (golden as it’s harvest season).

3. Is it child/senior citizen/PWD-friendly? The area offers various activities for people of all ages, fitness level and interests. Those who opt not to/ cannot engage in physically strenuous activities can entertain themselves with other things such as visiting the museum, learning how to make pots or orange-picking. All guests who are of minor age (below 18 years old) must be accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian.

4. Where do we stay? We have several partner inns and lodges in the town. Amenities are basic but all are clean and managed by the homeowners themselves.

5. Are rooms private? Yes, all rooms are private (i.e. you won’t share a room with strangers). Toilets and bathrooms are common. If you wish to get a private room with its own toilet and bathroom, please let us know. Applicable upgrade rates apply.

6. What is your cancellation policy? Clear and fair, if we have to cancel the trip before it has already started you get a full refund.


Backpack. We discourage you from bringing luggage with wheels as they don't travel well in mountainous areas. Choose one that has a raincover as the Cordillera is pretty much wet the entire year.

Rain gears. Umbrella, jacket, poncho. Yes, it rains (a lot) there.

Layers of clothes. It can get warm in the morning and cold at night so layering your clothes will help you regulate your body temperature.

Footwear. Most of the activities will require walking on slippery or muddy paths so bring a pair that has a good grip. Leave your fancy flip flops in the city and opt for hiking shoes/sandals.

Cash. To date, there are still no establishments that accept credit/debit cards so bring enough cash, in small denominations, to last your trip. There is only one ATM in town (DBP) and there is no guarantee that it is regularly replenished.

Refillable/ re-usable water container and eco-bags. Garbage management is everyone's concern. Be a responsible tourist - don't buy bottled water. Bring your own thermos/ water container and just refill at the town's water refilling station (there are at least three). If you plan on buying souvenirs, be advised that shops are not allowed to give plastic bags. So bring your own eco-bag.

Headlamp/ torch. There is no street lighting in Sagada. Having a handy light source (nope, your phone doesn't count) will help you a lot. Plus it's neat to have your personal lamp when exploring the cave so you can take photos even if your guide is busy lighting the path of other guests. Also, if you go during the rainy months, power outage is common. This can sometimes last for days. Have a headlamp and make your toilet visit less spooky.

Gadgets (camera, phone, power bank, charger). To document your trip, obviously. What was it that they said? Photos or it didn't happen? We would very much prefer that you put your phone down and look at the view in person and not through the 7" screen of your phone.

Book, journal. Inevitably, there will be delays - the road is closed because of a landslide, there is a strong rain and going inside the cave/ hiking is suspended. And then there is no power so you can't charge your phone and watch movies/ play video games. It may sound old-fashioned to some but try reading a book, writing on your journal.

Personal medications and hygiene stuff. There is one hospital in Sagada but it won't hurt if you bring your personal prescription drugs as they may not be readily available in town.

Happy self. You are a citizen of the world and an ambassador of your city. Spread only positivity.