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Nagpatong Rock Tour

Nagpatong Rock

Tanay, Rizal Tour

Situated in Brgy. Cuyambay in Tanay, Rizal is a towering karst formation called Nagpatong rock. From afar, the rock structure looks like big limestone formations placed atop each other (hence nagpatong). There are actually two big formations facing each other - one is where hikers climb using a series of ladders and ropes while the other one is where the guides take the guests' photos. The rock has a height of 560 meters and can be reached by trekking through a lush forest trail.


Let TRIPinas arrange your Nagpatong rock formation tour. If you need a pick-up service from Metro Manila or Calabarzon or if you plan to bring your own car or just commute, we will take care of everything and make sure you have a safe and fun adventure.



This straightforward and beginner-friendly tour takes about an hour to do, one-way. You will be walking through a tree-covered trail that's full of buho (a bamboo variety that is used for making bamboo matting known as sawali) and binunga (parasol leaf tree, whose fruits are used to improve the quality of sugar, while its barks and leaves are used in making basi). The path can get muddy and slippery so donning a pair of trail shoes is highly recommended. Avoid flip flops or shoes with flat soles to avoid getting stuck. Guides also suggest that you wear gloves so you don't cut yourself when you accidentally grab sharp portions of bamboos found on the trail. They are also useful as you scramble up the formation as its surface is sharp. The guides have installed wooden ladders supplemented with knotted ropes to help you go up to the top. On weekends and holidays, expect to have a long queue up the ladders to climb up the rock. As of this writing, they only allow 12 people at most atop the formation for safety purposes. It is common to be delayed by around 30-45 minutes waiting for your turn. Once they have descended will the guides allow the next batch of hikers to go up. Your patience will be rewarded at the top with sweeping views of the Tanay peaks. Make sure to leave your camera with the guide so you get your IG-worthy poses. You will simply trace back the trail on the return. A good way to end the day is to go to Tungtong falls to have a refreshing swim on its cool and clear waters. Bring snacks for a pleasant picnic.


How difficult is this adventure?
It is beginner-friendly. This means you can easily tackle this even if you haven’t done any hiking in the past.

Is it safe for kids?
As a matter of caution, it is best if the child is at least 4 feet tall (1.2m) so he/she can reach the steps of the ladder.

You think my old parents can do this tour?
It is not about the age but more about the level of fitness. If your parents have no mobility issues and live an active life, we don’t see why they won’t enjoy and accomplish the tour

What should I bring/wear?
A small backpack with at least a liter of water and some trail food. For clothes, we highly recommend that you wear sweat-wicking clothes (no cotton shirts, please) and some tights/leggings. The rocks are sharp so choose clothes that will prevent you from getting scratches.

Is there a phone network in the area?
As of this writing, Globe telco doesn’t cover the area. Smart telco works around the barangay.

Are there shower/toilet facilities?
Yes, there are for-pay shower and toilet facilities at the barangay hall.