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visiting Baler

2 days 1 night tour package

Someone in the room says the word "Baler" and you would probably conjure an image of surfers on board crushing waves. And no one can fault you for associating the place to the sport as it has long been known as the birthplace of surfing in the Philippines. Situated in the coastal province of Aurora, this town faces the Pacific ocean which offers waves that will make all water babies happy. But if you want to go beyond the stereotypical sunworshipping, fret not as it has tons of hiking, historical and gastronomical features that can be enjoyed, even if you're not in your bikini. Perhaps you want to chase waterfalls? Or maybe you'd like to explore the town on foot or a bike and see the sleepy inland farms and its public markets. Museums more your thing? Or maybe you want to meet the lady who makes the (arguably) best peanut butter in the country? Plenty of options, huh? It is a place that will charm you from the get-go and will definitely make you coming back for more. You know what's better that Netflix and chill? It's Baler and thrill!.


Our package (can be day-tour or overnight) includes a round-trip land transfer (from Metro Manila and adjacent provinces or from Central Luzon), a comprehensive tour on the historical spots (Quezon park, Museo de Baler, the church, replica of the ancestral house of Aurora Quezon) and for the 2D1N a basic overnight accommodation. You will also visit Diguisit beach and its impressive rock formation and waterfalls , the infamous century old balete tree, Ermita hill, Ditumabo mother waterfalls and Sabang beach. Naturally, we'll give you ample time to swim and surf to your heart's content. Note that lesson fee's on your account (average Php350/hr, inclusive of instructor fee and use of board). As everyone has different culinary preference, meals won't be included in the package. Don't worry, food choice is pretty diverse to suit your taste and wallet. So what do you say? Surf's up!.



Your two day vacation will start with a private van pick-up at 1AM. Travel time is around five hours, including bio-breaks. First stop will be around 6AM at the Millennium tree located at Balete Park in Maria Aurora, Aurora. Prepare to pick-up your jaws upon seeing this grand balete tree because its sheer size is enormous. It is said that it takes around sixty people to encircle its 600-year old trunk. It's so huge, people go in and out of it. Once inside, you could easily put 10-15 adults. Feel free to also go and climb up the branches. After exploring the place, you can have a breakfast stop (meals on your account) before heading to Ermita hill. This hill is a reminder that living along the coast has its own set of perils. Legend has it that a huge storm in the area cause a tromba marina (tornadic water spouts form over water or move from land to water) and it ravaged Baler. The few families who survived the disaster did so only by heading towards the top of Ermita Hill. You can climb this hill to have a panoramic view of the Bay. Not too far from is Diguisit falls. You will have a short walk to reach it. We recommend that you bring or wear your swimsuit as the water may prove to be too hard to resist. Make sure that you're wearing a good pair of sandals/shoes as the rocks are slick. Next up is Lukso-lukso islets. There are three islets (rock formations, really) which you can, figuratively, hop around (lukso means hop in Tagalog). The view here is fantastic, perfect for panoramic shots. Not really suitable for beach running as the coast is rocky. Next on the agenda is a visit to Museum. It's the perfect place to learn of the history of this place. Couple that with Aurora mansion, then you will have a better understanding of the psyche of its locals. After having your fill on local history, you will proceed to Ditumabo water falls (aka Mother falls, became popular because of the movie Apocalypse Now). Prepare yourself for a 20-30 minute trek on slippery rocks. We won't stop you if you want to jump in right away and enjoy the cold and refreshing waters from the mountain. After swimming, you will now go to your accommodation to check-in. We will leave the rest of the day to you - free time! The following day will be physically demanding so make sure that you get a hearty breakfast. After eating, we now go to the main event - surfing! Don't worry if you don't know how to swim as you will have your lessons on the shallow part of the beach. Of course, if your swim skills are on point then your confidence will definitely get a boost. The lesson is around an hour long. It sounds short but believe us, you will feel all sorts of body soreness the following day. Good vibes! If you opt not to get surf lessons (why, though?) you can entertain yourself by taking photos of your friends falling, er, popping from their surfboards. Blue crush, for the win! Your van will pick you up from the hotel at 11AM so make sure you are checked out and ready to go. Before leaving the area, we suggest that you already take your lunch so you can just sleep on the return trip for Manila..

Trip 101

Where to eat?

Simplicity is the name of the culinary game here. Whether it's meat or seafood, you can't go wrong with the eateries outlined below. Did we mention that the price point is pocket-friendly? You know what that means - more yummy in your belly.

Baler Surfer Grill. Easily spotted because of the outlandish VW beetle that has its engine compartment converted as a grilling station. Yes, you heard it right. Car grillin' for your char-grilled chows. Must-not-miss is their Bulalo BBQ. Come early as this place is extremely popular and you don't want to arrive there only to find out that food has run out. Location: Buton St.

Gerry Shan's Place. This is where you go when you need to fix your hanger (hunger/anger) stat. Cheap, buffet for lunch and dinner. No frills, simple menu of familiar dishes. Enough said. Location: Quezon Street, Barangay 2

Kusina Luntian. If you are a fan of Binalot-style meals (rice meals with your choice of protein, all wrapped in banana leaves), then this place is for you. Post-surf, this is the best place to fill that tummy. Or if you want to pack your meals for the waterfalls, then get your meals here and have a picnic at your next location. Location: Alley 1, Dela Rosa Street

Yellow Fin Bar and Grill. If your idea of winding down an action-packed day is to share grilled food and booze with your friends, then you may want to try Yellow Fin Bar and Grill. This place is very popular, getting a seat may be a challenge. Go here BEFORE you are hungry as the wait can test the patience of a saint. Must-try: grilled yellow fin, grilled liempo washed down with local beers Location: Sabang beach

Thelma's Kitchenette. Good for big groups. Apart from the usual suspects, they also serve other dishes not found on other popular local restaurants like ginataang alimango (crabs cooked in coconut cream) and fried frogs. One of the better eateries to serve ensaladang pakô (fiddle fern salad). They also serve halu-halo. Location: Poblacion