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Cebu city tour

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Cebu is synonymous to a lot of words – Lapu-lapu, Sinulog festival, Magellan’s cross, dried mangoes, lechon, political leaders, dive spots, whale sharks, etc. Visiting the town can be overwhelming especially if your time and/or budget is limited. And this is why TRIPinas curated low-cost tours. Whether you’re a solo traveler or travelling with your young kids, parents or wanting to spend some quality time with your special someone, we have something for you. Organizing a business trip for your company guests? Don't worry, we got you covered with the best tour guides!.

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We can arrange a 2-hour guided visit of the Old Town where you will see and learn about some of the prime colonial heritage of our country. If you have a bit more time we can turn your visit into a half-day sightseeing with an optional pick-up and drop-off at your place or hotel. For something a bit different, why not try our Twilight walk which we're sure will be a delight to you photography aficionados. Did you know that Sugbu has much more to offer outside of its historical center? Take our full-day tour package with transportation and tick-off all of the 8 best tourist spots in town!

Here's what you need to know for an enjoyable and stress-free visit


Why take a guided tour when I can simply follow Google maps?
You can, of course, explore the city yourself but except taking good photos, you will miss all the stories behind each relic that makes the city. We believe that the best way to see a place is to see it through the eyes of a knowledgeable local.

Is it tiring to walk there?
Not at all because each site of the old town are walking distance from each other. And it is also the opportunity to see the real life of the city. We don't want to spend all our life in air-conditioned malls or car, right?

What if we want to be picked-up and dropped off at home/hotel?
No worries as we also provide packages with transportation service from any area of Cebu, Mandaue or Mactan/Lapu-lapu city.

What is the level of safety?
Unlike some other world metropolis, crime level is very low in the Philippines. You can relax and enjoy your trip without having to worry for your safety.

Can I bring my kids?
Definitely! We can guarantee they will love and remember their visit. This is how you make happy family memories.

What time can we start?
You let us know and we do our best to accommodate. You can start early in the morning at 8AM or even have it as a sunset adventure.

Which season is the best to visit the city?
Anytime from October/November until May/June. During the rainy season, bad weather might disturb your plan and itinerary.