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Pagsanjan falls Packages

Shoot the rapids

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Pagsanjan falls, also known as Magdapio, is a popular one-day tourist spot in the Philippines. The drive to Laguna is idyllic with panoramic vistas of farmers working on their rice fields and Mt. Makiling towering over them. The province is known for wood sculptors, cheese makers and agricultural people. The locals love to share their mountains and rivers to visitors. TRIPinas offer two different packages to reach this wonderful cascade: via hiking or with a boat ride! For those who need transportation we offer pick up service with private vehicles from any point of Luzon. For those who have their own vehicle or do not mind taking the public bus, we can definitely give you instructions on how to reach the jump-off point. Whatever option you choose, we guarantee you a safe a complete day trip with a fun hike or a thrilling banca ride, an unforgettable time passing under the falls with a bamboo raft and a refreshing dip at the Devil's cave.


Hop on a canoe powered-steered only by the arms and legs of two boatmen! Marvel at their harmonious work, skills and strength as they maneuver through tight corners and big boulders to go up the river rapids. Snap photos of monitor lizards, egrets and carabaos that are fed by the Bumbungan river. Watch the local community as they go on with their daily lives fishing and selling local sweets. Then board the man-made bamboo raft to go inside the Devil's cave and experience the best shower you can ever have! This day trip can be easily arranged with pick-up service at your place of choice. But if you plan in bringing your own can or commuting publicly we will be happy to assist you.



Our favorite way to reach the falls. Why? Because this is how you get the best views and photos. Be awe-inspired with the lush canopy of Laguna that serves as home to its endemic birds and other wildlife. Go for this short hike and then cherry on top, Take the bamboo raft to Go under the waterfalls and have your sweat washed away by the strong cascade of water. Your sore muscles will definitely be soothed by nature's hydro-massage. This option is available as a D.I.Y or with transportation service. Just let us know and we will arrange it!



❶ Is Pagsanjan falls open? Yes it is.
❷ Where is Pagsanjan? The waterfalls itself is located in Cavinti, Laguna and is officially called Magpadapio falls. Since the popular town in the area is Pagsanjan town it has been called Pagsanjan falls (a misnomer).
❸ Do you need special skills for this trip? No, you don't need to know how to swim as you will be provided a life vest. You won't maneuver the boat as there will be boatmen. This is not a white water rafting tour. You don't need to know how to rappel to take the hike.
❹ Is the area good for trekking? Yes, you should definitely not miss the trek around the gorge, it is one of the best experiences in Laguna province.
❺ How high is the falls? Records say that the longest drop is 120 meters high.
❻ How long is the trip? It takes roughly three hours, and this is without the ride from and to Manila.
❼ When is the best time to visit ? It can be accessed all year except when there is a strong rain which makes the water level on the river dangerously high. If we may advise, avoid the months that are prone to typhoons like August and September
❽ Is it safe for kids? We accept children as long as they can sit down on a boat unsupported and can walk unsupervised. Children must be accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian.
❾ Can I bring my elderly parents? As long as they don't have mobility issues, we can have them on the tour. Please understand that due to the nature of the terrain, the rocks on the area are slick and slipping can happen.