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Pico de loro tour

Pico de Loro

Take it to the peak

Mount Pico de Loro (Parrot's Beak), also known as Mount Palay-Palay, is Cavite's highest point at 664 masl. Located inside Mounts Palay-Palay and Mataas na Gulod Protected Landscape, this popular hiking destination boasts of lush rain-forest treating hikers with a pleasant and relaxing trek serenaded by a symphony of local woodpeckers, cuckoos and bee-eaters. Our Pico de Loro tour might be budget friendly but it is a quality package with TRIPinas skilled team, absolutely no hidden charges and a great itinerary to avoid the crowd.
NEWS: After several years of closure the local authorities decided a soft opening of Mt. Pico de Loro last December 21 2022 then a full re-opening last January 17th 2023.


Our day trip to Mt. Pico de Loro is hassle free and includes all what you need, a comfortable aircon transfer from Manila, a tour guide / coordinator and the entrance fee. We will take you to the summit and its amazing 360 degrees' view where you can see Manila, Bataan, Cavite and Batangas. Take note that scaling the monolith is not allowed anymore.



Since 2016, the jump-off is at the DENR office in Ternate, Cavite (new trail); the old trail is no longer allowed to be used. After a quick breakfast and a brisk warm-up, we pack our bags, turn our headlamps on and pick up our walking sticks; we now enter the forest. At first it can be a little unsettling walking in the darkness with only the light from your torch guiding you. But believe us, you don't want to start late as the crowd gets thick in the mountain due to its popularity. You will be crossing several streams as you go up and down the rolling slopes of Mount Pico de Loro and caution must be practiced here as it's so easy to twist your ankle as you hop from one rock to another. There are some steep parts of the trail but worry not as there are ropes provided for your convenience and safety. A steel view deck has been installed lately allowing one to get a sweeping view of the mountain range. This infrastructure also marks the start of the bamboo section that finally leads to the campsite. Take note that overnight camping has been prohibited as part of the park's trail management. From the campsite, and if the weather is good, you can see to your right a towering single block of rock - Pico de Loro or the Parrot's Beak. It is called as such because from the sea, this monolith resembles the beak (pico) of a parrot (loro). When it was still open it took about 15-20 minutes of rock scrambling and hauling yourself up a slab of rock with a rope to reach the top of the monolith from the campsite. Since the traverse hike is no longer an option, the trail back is just a re-trace of what you did in the morning.


How long is this adventure?
This is a day tour, from Manila, door to door, it takes an average of 12 hours.

When to go?
During the dry season, from October to June. Avoid the rainy season as the trail becomes hardly passable when it is wet.

Is the trail difficult?
It is not, even beginners can join this trek. What you will need are good walking shoes, enough food and water and being reasonably fit..

Who should not join?
The hike is not suitable for a child of less than 8 years old. Pregnant woman, people with cardiac/high blood or leg/knee issue should not join.

Can we stay overnight?
Sorry camping is not allowed anymore by the park management.

What will happen in case of bad weather?
If the weather conditions do not permit the tour we will cancel it as your safety is our priority. As long as we have not yet left/traveled we will give you a full refund.